What’s the best way to encourage your employees to train? Turn it into a game!

Wranx’s clever gamification features are designed to make training more enjoyable for your workforce, as well as motivate them with some friendly competition from their colleagues. As they continue to complete their daily drills, they’ll unlock any of the 300+ achievements available on our system, and there’s also the option for employees to have custom achievements based on their own organisational goals. Typically, achievements are awarded for the number of nailed answers, high numbers of points scored, numbers of drills completed over time and reaching the top of a leaderboard.

Trainees will also enjoy seeing their ‘learning streak’ grow, as they successfully keep up their regular habit of training every day. If they happen to miss a day, the chain will be broken and they’ll need to begin again. According to American comedian Jerry Seinfeld, this is the best way to get better at anything – we call it the Seinfeld chain. Trainees hate to break their streak!

Leaderboards are automatically generated as your employees train and score points. As well as comparing their progress to their colleagues, they can also compare with those in the same region or country and even create their own leaderboards to compete with their friends.

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