"They listened to what we wanted and devised the software accordingly. Feedback from users was also very positive"

- Oil Spill Response

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Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry-funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur, by providing preparedness, response and intervention services.

OSRL are wholly owned by most of the environmentally responsible oil and gas companies, and their membership represents the majority of global oil production.

What Oil Spill Response wanted

OSRL invests a lot of time and effort in developing and maintaining a highly trained workforce. One consequence of this is the people can become “training fatigued”, particularly in respect of conventional PowerPoint / classroom based training. For this reason, OSRL needed to find an effective way to deliver and reinforce previous training.

In 2014 OSRL piloted the concept of the Confident Ambassador. This programme was designed to give all staff (technical and non-technical) exposure to the Joint Industry Project (JIP) scan/glance communication materials, woven into a broader appreciation of the industry oil spill preparedness and response issues. The programme was designed to unleash a powerful multiplier effect whereby all staff were familiarized with the JIP outputs and the communications toolkit.

What we delivered

OSRL followed up the second “Confident Ambassador” programme with the aid of Wranx to embed the key messages that needed a uniform, consistent understanding across the company.

Around 40 technically grounded staff from the Executive Team to grass-roots responders were selected from around 80 staff who had recently undergone a 90-minute “Confident Ambassador” panel session.

Wranx didn’t substitute the classroom piece but supplemented it with a programme of embedded learning to ensure that key messages were transferred from short-term memory to embedded long-term memory. Wranx proved to be useful as it imparted training in a different, less intrusive and less time consuming way.

The results

Nailed it: Employees were able to regularly refresh their knowledge after training, taking an average of only 2-3 minutes per day

Nailed it: The competitive nature of the leaderboards helped to engage and encourage employees to participate

Nailed it: Positive feedback received from users who found it fun and easy to use


Our experience working with Wranx has been very good. They listened to what we wanted and devised the software accordingly. Feedback from users was also very positive. The competitive nature of the league tables was a surprisingly useful incentive to encourage participation.

-Andy Nicoll – Advocacy Manager at Oil Spill Response

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