Tailored, proven, accelerated

  1. Customised content
  2. Scientifically proven
  3. Accelerated, measurable learning

We take your existing training materials and convert them into e-learning modules and assessments that help to achieve your company’s training goals.

E-learning Development Platform

93% of our clients were extremely satisfied with the quality of tailored learning content produced by Wranx.

E-learning Development Platform

We deliver better results because our platform is based on proven learning techniques, like Spaced Repetition, microlearning and gamification.

E-learning Development Platform

Learners who view new information twice through Spaced Repetition retain almost all of what they learn.

Online Learning Platform

Our approach means your employees learn more quickly and remember training for longer, so you see an improved ROI compared to our competitors.

Online Learning Platform

A major car manufacturer saved nearly £200,000 on training costs by using Wranx.

Online Learning Platform

How could Wranx help you?

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Reinforcing knowledge
  • Reinforcing knowledge
  • Product knowledge and sales training
  • Compliance training
  • Health and safety employee training
  • Customer service training
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Associations and unions
  • Education institutions
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Measure the success

Online Learning Platform

Detailed visual dashboards allow you to track the performance of your learners with Wranx and identify where learning needs to be improved.

A major automotive company saw training engagement increase from 8% to 72% from using Wranx.

Success stories

Here's how we're helping to improve the performance of organisations around the world...

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Here's why employees like Wranx...

  • It's fun

    Short, engaging daily drills make learning more enjoyable than alternative methods, and leaderboards create friendly competition.

  • It's convenient

    Providing bespoke bite-sized content on our easy-to-use mobile app allows employees to learn where and when they choose in short chunks of time.

  • It's effective

    Progress is clear to employees as they move through topics, but it can also be tracked when they are awarded points and unlock new achievements.

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  • It has been one week since the Wranx team exhibited at DevLearn in Las Vegas – an event dedicated to unearthing and showcasing future learning technologies. It was the team’s first time over in the US for an exhibition – what an experience! The event had over 150 exhibitors, over 3,500 attendees and more than 250 learning activities for visitors, resulting in two jam-packed days!

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