How a Culture of Learning Impacts Business Performance

Best Practice, Corporate Training, November 14th 2014

If a business finds itself struggling, there are numerous steps and measures it can take. From reducing the cost of certain products and providing purch...

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Getting Started with Gamification

Corporate Training, Gamification, November 4th 2014

Nowadays, we are presented with an abundance of different teaching and learning techniques that aim to improve knowledge acquisition and retention level...

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Training

Best Practice, October 31st 2014

Despite the changing economic environment in recent years, it seems like a great deal of businesses remain committed to learning and development. Accord...

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Training and its impact on employee retention

Corporate Training, October 28th 2014

According to a report carried out by Oxford Economics, replacing members of staff costs £30,614 on average per employee. This is due to the cost of los...

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Onboarding New Employees

Corporate Training, October 21st 2014

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Are you currently pursuing that career or doing something completely different? It is fairly nor...

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Continual Training is the Key to a Great Customer Service Team

Customer Service, October 17th 2014

Even if you’ve got the highest quality product around, which is available to buy at an affordable price, there are certain consumers that won’t part...

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What is ‘Skill Fade’ and How to Combat it?

Corporate Training, October 14th 2014

Even though every business tries to teach employees to the best of its abilities, a fair amount of knowledge will be lost over time. From teaching techn...

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5 Tips for Developing a Customer-Centric Culture in your Business

Customer Service, October 10th 2014

In order for any business to strive or even survive, a profit needs to be achieved. Therefore, numerous entrepreneurs and enterprises make this their nu...

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