People Buy from People with Great Product Knowledge Training

Sales, October 7th 2014

Irrespective of the customer’s circumstances or buying environment, purchase decisions and the sales process can be a long drawn out affair. Before a ...

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Corporate Sales Training – A Fresh Approach

Corporate Training, Sales, October 3rd 2014

Let’s be honest for a minute. If you let your staff know they’ve got a corporate sales training course coming up, chances are they won’t be overly...

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Stop Talking and Listen – Unlocking the Secret to Increased Sales

Sales, September 30th 2014

What is a sure fire way to improve your sales performance? Reduce the price? Include an incentive to sweeten the deal? Encourage staff to up-sell? Set u...

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Creating Loyal Customers

Customer Service, September 27th 2014

Even though ‘the customer is always right’ has been challenged a fair bit in recent years, loyal purchasers and patrons still need a huge amount of ...

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Retail Sales Training via Mobile

Sales, September 22nd 2014

The world of retail, whether it be on the high street or online, and mobile technology go hand in hand. Now more than ever before, consumers turn to the...

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Closing The Skills Gap

Opinions, September 18th 2014

Depending on which online resources you read, the skills gap is either real or it isn't. At Wranx, we're of the belief that the skills gap, a term used ...

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Product Knowledge Training Using a Little-Known Brain Hack

Sales, September 16th 2014

Know what you sell, sell what you know Every sales guru in the world will tell you the same thing: Your sales staff will do better if they know the pro...

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The Evolution of Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning, September 13th 2014

Mobile learning in the workplace is the future. In the next ten years, mobile learning will not be considered a choice, but a necessary mode of learning...

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