A change is gonna come: Rippling the waters of corporate learning

Corporate Training, July 26th 2017

Corporate learning professionals are facing the impact of a wind of change. The way we learn, and the way we think about the way we learn, is about ...

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It’s all in the game: Gamification for business

Gamification, July 20th 2017

We all love to play. We like to win, we need to achieve, and to move forward. These are simple, fundamental human emotions. Simple, but also powerfu...

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Our Five Favourite Exhibits From The Museum of Failure

Uncategorized, June 14th 2017

Each and every day we find ourselves engaging with other people’s great ideas. We marvel at the simplicity of an idea and how well it works. We ho...

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Digitising the NHS for the future, and the new Digital Academies

Learning Technology, Trends, June 7th 2017

As the march towards digital transformation continues, the need to embrace and harness the power of technology could not be more evident. The NHS, e...

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The age old question…Who’s your favourite educational psychologist?

Uncategorized, May 17th 2017

How many times have you sat with friends at a barbecue, relaxing in the sun with a cold drink, enjoying each other’s company when the inevitable h...

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Why the customer’s always right – finding the value

Customer Service, May 10th 2017

There’s an old saying in the customer service industry. ‘Give someone a good experience, and they’ll tell twenty people, give them a bad ex...

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Rebooting the boss – the need for digital skills in the boardroom

Here in the world of eLearning, we talk of the rise in the workforce of Millennials and how they react and interact with technology. We discuss the ...

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Let’s stay together – keeping learning social

E-learning, Engagement, April 5th 2017

The modern world of work has become a learning space; the workplace is our classroom. The workplace learning we engage with is no longer a single even...

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