Learning material for short periods at a time is one of the key premises of spaced repetition. Rather than have your employees study for long hours during a short time span, training instead takes place in short bursts over a longer time span. We call this bite-sized learning.

With Wranx, your employees’ training will take just 2-3 minutes per day, using simple exercises (called drills) of around 10 questions or more that can be answered from anywhere. Each question is followed by the correct answer, and trainees will be asked to rate how well they answered using a simple scale. This data will then be used to determine their strong points and what needs more work in the future. Answer ‘Nailed it’ and Wranx will schedule the question to appear again at some point in the future. Answer ‘Failed it’, however, and the question is likely to appear again tomorrow.

Although short, this method of learning is sweet. By breaking down material into smaller, ‘bite-sized’ chunks, trainees are able to recall information more accurately and with greater ease than they would with more traditional methods of study. We call this outcome accelerated learning.

Want to further boost your employees’ learning? Employers can choose to embed extra context-related material into their drills, including images, graphs, presentations and videos. Talk to us to find out more.

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