70:20:10 – Experience, Exposure and Education

Best Practice, July 20th 2016

How do we learn? When do we learn? And why? Why do organisations need their people to learn? And what do they want them to learn? Where? How often? Wh...

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Closing the feedback loop: Managing the performance of performance management

Best Practice, June 29th 2016

Performance Management. Just the mention of the words brings a heaviness to the heart, and a long sigh to many. The face to face method of reviewing a...

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How to improve the performance of your business and employees

Best Practice, April 21st 2016

Businesses operating in the modern world have a multitude of technologies at their disposal to improve bottom-line performance. From cloud computing and...

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Which learning solution is right for you?

Best Practice, October 1st 2015

No matter what industry your organisation occupies or how many members of staff you employ, training can afford extensive advantages. But while some sti...

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How a Culture of Learning Impacts Business Performance

Best Practice, Corporate Training, November 14th 2014

If a business finds itself struggling, there are numerous steps and measures it can take. From reducing the cost of certain products and providing purch...

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Training

Best Practice, October 31st 2014

Despite the changing economic environment in recent years, it seems like a great deal of businesses remain committed to learning and development. Accord...

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