Rebooting the boss – the need for digital skills in the boardroom

Here in the world of eLearning, we talk of the rise in the workforce of Millennials and how they react and interact with technology. We discuss the ...

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Let’s stay together – keeping learning social

E-learning, Engagement, April 5th 2017

The modern world of work has become a learning space; the workplace is our classroom. The workplace learning we engage with is no longer a single even...

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Tin Can API or SCORM : Which is best for you?

E-learning, Learning Technology, February 22nd 2017

Organisations wishing to embrace eLearning face something of a dilemma when it comes to deciding between the two standards SCORM and Tin Can API. Some...

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E-learning: This time it’s personal

E-learning, October 12th 2016

As learning and development technologies develop, companies, organisations and educational establishments are increasingly recognising the value in pe...

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Can e-learning provide the bricks to build the bridge across the UK’s productivity gap?

E-learning, June 7th 2016

Productivity in the UK is a notoriously slow moving beast, particularly in recent years. According to the Office for National Statistics, productivity...

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The benefits of e-learning can ensure that training is a part of work, and not apart from work.

E-learning, June 1st 2016

Picture this, if you will. The 'good' old days, when staff training was delivered in bland and soulless conference suites, with less than perfect cof...

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Onwards and upwards: Elearning market size set to grow by up to 5% in the coming years

E-learning, May 24th 2016

As more and more organisations embrace e-learning as a valuable tool for growth, the market size shows no signs of slowing down. It could easily be ...

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Project Griffin: What benefits could e-learning bring to emergency training?

E-learning, May 20th 2016

Plans have been announced for an extra one million workers based in crowded city centre areas, and sports and entertainment venues to receive train...

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