The Millennial Question: Whose tech is it anyway?

News, Opinions, February 15th 2017

Towards the end of 2016, a short video emerged on social media, featuring an interview with Simon Sinek, entitled The Millennial Question, which featu...

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What is the best way to learn?

Opinions, April 19th 2016

According to neuroscience, the brain learns in two ways: By creating new networks - Neurons pass electrical impulses between one another. The more thes...

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Is classroom training a dying art?

Opinions, March 10th 2016

Looking back at your experience of school, what did you enjoy the most? For many, it will be meeting lifelong friends, having plenty of laughs in the pl...

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Will Generation Y change the way we learn?

Opinions, November 12th 2015

On account of the fact that classroom-based teaching no longer provides sufficient stimulation for employees at corporate training, different ways of le...

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Closing The Skills Gap

Opinions, September 18th 2014

Depending on which online resources you read, the skills gap is either real or it isn't. At Wranx, we're of the belief that the skills gap, a term used ...

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