Digitising the NHS for the future, and the new Digital Academies

Learning Technology, Trends, June 7th 2017

As the march towards digital transformation continues, the need to embrace and harness the power of technology could not be more evident. The NHS, e...

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Keep on keepin’ on – the benefits of overlearning

Learning something new takes time, enthusiasm and, above all, practice. The more practice the better and that means repetition. We perfect our skill...

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Interleaved learning – the new spice of life

Best Practice, Trends, March 15th 2017

Interleaved learning. Many people aren’t familiar with the term, yet it is by no means a new development. It was first described as varied or mixed ...

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The Internet Of Things – Can it really help?

News, Trends, March 8th 2017

The future is never far away, and more often than not, it is actually already with us. We hear much talk these days of The Internet Of Things. Th...

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Themes in learning in 2016 – where we are and what’s around the corner

Learning Technology, Trends, January 4th 2017

As we have completed another year of learning in the workplace, we are faced with an opportunity to look at developments, and to note several themes f...

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Learning trends: the evolution of a revolution

Trends, September 14th 2016

We live in changing times, a constant state of flux supported and fed by technological developments. The world turns, constantly changing, and that ev...

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