5 reasons you should be talking about employee engagement

Uncategorized, August 27th 2015

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, employee satisfaction is incredibly important. Although each member of staff will be motivated by some...

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Training taboos you should break

Uncategorized, August 24th 2015

In order to get ahead in the world of business, most companies will have to stand out from the crowd and do something different. More often that not, th...

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How call centres aren’t as bad as you think

Uncategorized, August 20th 2015

On a daily basis, the vast majority of households up and down the country will receive at least one nuisance telephone call. Regardless of whether they ...

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Confidence Based Learning – Everything You Need to Know

Uncategorized, July 13th 2015

Imagine a workforce made up of highly skilled individuals that have a comprehensive grasp of what is required from them on a daily basis. Not only do th...

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What you’re missing in your employee on-boarding strategy

Uncategorized, July 9th 2015

Seeing as you can’t put a price on people power, onboarding is an increasingly important priority for numerous businesses in a wide range of different...

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Is there a limit to the human mind’s capacity?

Uncategorized, April 20th 2015

Despite the fact that several of us have trouble remembering certain facts or recalling moments in time, some people believe that the human brain is cap...

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Creating an online presence

Uncategorized, April 6th 2015

Back in the good old days of retail, shop owners and chain stores only had to worry about getting customers to walk through the door. This could be achi...

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Chloe Britton joins Wranx as our Brand Manager!

Uncategorized, March 31st 2015

As a new exciting company, Jon Davies was looking for somebody to be the online presence for everything Wranx and thought a graduate would be ideal so c...

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