Employees can take their training from absolutely anywhere with Wranx’s convenient multi-device compatibility. Tablet, mobile, or desktop…Wranx is fully responsive, working with any screen resolution and operating system to offer a seamless, uninterrupted experience.

Whether they’re at work, on the bus or in bed, employees will be able to access their account and nail their drills without the need for extra software or resources. They may even wish to start their training in the morning via smartphone and continue it later via their desktop PC. This is made easily possible due to the intuitive flexibility of Wranx.

According to past feedback, one of the most popular times for employees to train is outside of normal working hours. Not only does this enable employees to train when it’s convenient for them, it also means employers don’t lose time or money taking teams away from the workplace.

Our ‘learn from anywhere’ approach works particularly well for remote employees who may work from home or at various offices. As Wranx is a hosted solution, everything is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, so employees can align their training with the rest of their schedule.

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