Mobile Learning and Gamification

The simple delivery of content to an employee’s mobile device offers some learning benefits that are not possible with traditional, classroom-based learning. Firstly, it allows individuals to learn at their own pace, whereas classroom learning can be constrained by time-limits and the needs of a group as a whole. In addition, the immediacy of mobile learning can make for a more interactive experience. Both of these things make mobile learning more effective at certain times.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to employees is that they can do it at a time that best suits them. Not only could this be during travel for work or at home, but it could also mean when an employee feels best geared up for learning. By allowing learning to be done at the employee’s convenience and when they are in the right frame of mind, mobile learning can ensure that knowledge is better retained compared to other approaches.

Wranx provides short, bite-sized drills that only take 2-3 minutes to complete each day. This is just 0.7% of the average 37.5 hour working week for employees in fixed term positions.

Playing the brain game

Without any incentive, training is simply a task to be completed and can become a low priority for many. Introducing game-playing elements that reward employees for their learning achievements, results in dopamine being produced in the brain and subsequently increases engagement and enjoyment. The Wranx platform is built upon this scientific principle to help optimise employee learning performance.

For gamification to be effective, it needs to be intelligently implemented, tested and refined. Wranx’s gamification model employs over 300 different achievements that have been built up and tested over years, as well as the Login Streak and Leaderboards that encourage friendly competition among employees.

These gamification features built into Wranx have been shown to increase training engagement, enjoyment and, ultimately results!

Learning that will improve the performance of your organisation