Employee Development Microlearning

Practice makes perfect

Over the years, it’s been repeatedly proven that repetition is essential for developing knowledge and maximising knowledge retention. Spaced Repetition can be used in the form of drills – a series of around 10 questions a day that, unlike standard multiple choice, show learners the answers and ask them to rate how well they knew them, delivering repetition in a focused and effective way. Wranx creates custom drills for your organisation based on your existing materials and also offers off-the-shelf drills including Manual Handling, Mental Health Awareness and an Introduction to Online Security.

Employee Development Microlearning Assessment

Assessing and progressing

To deliver effective training for your employees, you need to know how well any training is working. Regular assessments, evaluated using Certainty Based Marking, allow you to understand how well employee knowledge is developing and where attention needs to be focused. The assessments that are built into the Wranx platform give learning performance insights into full subject areas.

Keeping the interest

“The data provided by Wranx clearly indicates the degree to which new knowledge is being absorbed. Couple this with a positive user response and we get very effective as well as cost-effective learning.” Read more…

Andrew Barker, Head of Academy


Tata Steel Europe saw 97% of their learners improve from pre to post-assessment after using Wranx.

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