Playing the brain game

Without any incentive, training is simply a task to be completed. Introducing game-playing elements that reward employees for their learning achievements, results in dopamine being produced in the brain and subsequently increases engagement and enjoyment. The Wranx platform is built upon this scientific principle to help optimise employee learning performance.

Gamification E-learning Platform

Refined gamification

For gamification to be effective, it needs to be intelligently implemented, tested and refined. Wranx’s gamification model employs over 300 different achievements that have been built up and tested over years, as well as the Seinfeld Chain and leaderboards that encourage friendly competition among employees. These gamification features built into Wranx have been shown to increase training engagement, enjoyment and, ultimately, effectiveness.

Using the chain effect

It’s incredible to see our sales representatives so engaged in training. They love the daily drills and the competitive, gamification aspects. More importantly, they value how Wranx helps them retain information they learn in the classroom so that they can be more effective in the field. Every team to which we introduce Wranx falls in love with the approach.

Danielle Davis, Sales Enablement Program Manager at IGT


Our current highest Seinfeld Chain is 446 days.

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