Mobile Learning Employee Development
Mobile Learning Employee Development

Learning at your leisure

When learning isn’t made simple, it becomes a chore and can be left to one side. Mobile learning reduces the chance of this by making it possible for employees to learn wherever and whenever they want, such as when traveling to and from meetings, reducing lost work time. Wranx is accessible through a mobile website or by downloading the app for Android and iOS, allowing your employees to learn at times that are most convenient for them.

Mobile Learning Employee Development

Knowing when’s best

As well as there being times that are easier for your employees to do training, there are times that they are best suited to learning. Different people learn best at different times – some are early birds, others are night owls. By making it possible to learn where and when they want, Wranx allows your employees to do training in the places or at the times of day that they know they learn best.

Where and when you want

“The daily drills took only 2-3 minutes to complete and are accessible from any device, meaning staff could complete their mandatory training at a convenient time for them.”

Kim Charles, Broxbourne Borough Council


According to Samsung, 93% of workers who own a smartphone use it every day for work.

More platform features

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