Detailed metrics

The success of employee learning can’t be measured just through sales or your company’s bottom line. You need to measure specific metrics to understand how well your training is going and where to focus attention. Wranx tracks metrics like employees’ engagement, their performance on different topics and how confidently they answered different questions, with filtering by division, team or individual.

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Visible insights

To continually improve learning within your organisation, you need to be able to have sight of all aspects of learning performance. This becomes possible with dashboards and reporting focused on the different and specific areas of learning. Wranx uses dashboards to give you visibility of the learning performance for your individual employees, your organisation as a whole and the different learning topics within your organisation.

You’re greater with data

“By using a product like Wranx, it’s much easier to measure the impact of training by using the analytics tool. What we’re trying to do is measure the people who are logging on frequently and perhaps monitor their sales outcomes. This really gives us the opportunity to see whether it’s having an impact.”

Deborah Bees, National Education Manager at Matrix


According to Forrester, between 60% and 73% of all data within businesses goes unanalysed.

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