On-demand performance support for employees

The Media Hub can host a variety of resources on the Wranx platform, including a selection of formats such as PDFs, Word Documents, presentations, training manuals, videos and diagrams. Clients are able to store their learning materials all in one place, offering on-demand performance support and learning resources which can be accessed by employees at any time.

Close employee knowledge gaps

Finding content within the Media Hub is made easy with the use of our search and ‘Filter resources’ functions. Learners can simply search for the title of the content, or filter by different types of content and related tags. 

Learning content can also be linked with resources in the Media Hub and are presented as ‘Additional Resources’ at the end of a daily drill. These additional resources are proactively presented to learners, as they are linked with content they are struggling with – helping to close knowledge gaps.

Learning made accessible

‘The Media Hub is great. I love watching the life stories and reading the Explorer Magazine. You can also find information on any product and in a very orderly and clear style.’

The North Face® EMEA user


Informal learning plays a critical role in all workplace learning – studies have found that 70% of learning on-the-job occurs informally.

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