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How Coachworks partnered with Wranx to deliver a blended learning solution that improved knowledge levels by 125%

As a leading provider of bespoke business support programmes to the automotive industry, Coachworks Consulting partnered with Wranx to enhance their training offering and reinforce knowledge with bite-sized, mobile learning.

By incorporating Wranx into a blended learning approach, Coachworks saw an impressive 125% increase in learner knowledge.


Key customer challenges:

Existing training was too reliant upon human intervention

Project duration:

20 weeks

Type of training delivered:

Sales training

Total training time delivered:

86 hours

Number of employees trained:


Customer benefits:

Improved knowledge retention and profit per employee

Delivering training without reliance on human intervention

Coachworks offers products and services to the automotive industry designed to support sales, aftersales, and leadership, and deliver performance improvement in all departments. Coachworks had just launched their ‘Drive 5’ programme, which focuses on turning retail’s biggest cost (the wage bill) into the greatest asset. Karl Davis, Coachworks Founder, explains more:

Drive 5 creates a focus that reviews the opportunities available in a measurable way, and supports a prioritised plan that centres on just a few things that will make a big difference. It engages teams, adds to their knowledge and provides safe practice so they can work on their game, ahead of serving their next customer. Coachworks wanted to ensure that the Drive 5 programme would deliver maximum performance improvement for clients. However, their existing training provision was too reliant on human intervention, making it expensive.

When the human intervention stopped, the gains in client performance tailed off. For this reason, Coachworks were looking to partner with another provider to add an engaging, digital element to their existing training provision.

A successful, blended learning solution

As part of their strategy to offer a more blended learning approach, Coachworks partnered with Wranx – a microlearning platform that facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition.

This learning technique automatically identifies knowledge gaps within learner groups and provides a tailored learning path for each individual based on what they do and don’t know.

The Wranx app is available on all devices, meaning that Coachworks’ Drive 5 learners could access training on the go at a time convenient to them. This enabled Coachworks to provide a mix of on-site coaching and workshops, with additional knowledge reinforcement afterwards via Wranx.

Coachworks have historically had commercial KPIs; however, the introduction of Wranx allowed for additional focus on KPIs related to learning and development, such as knowledge retention and profit per employee.

Bite-sized training designed for knowledge retention

The Wranx Content team worked with Coachworks to ensure that the Drive 5 training material could be converted into a suitable bite-sized format for the Wranx platform.

The Drive 5 questions were originally written by Coachworks, but were reviewed and shaped to maximise the benefits of Spaced Repetition by the Content team.

They were then split into two modules each for separate teams of learners – Sales and Aftersales.

Unprecedented learner engagement

Coachworks also utilised Certainty Based Marking (CBM) – an approach to multiple-choice assessments that requires learners to not only indicate which answer they think is correct, but also how certain they are that their chosen answer is correct. This method exposes gaps in learners’ knowledge, clearly identifying ‘Misinformed’ learners (those who have high confidence in their poor knowledge), as well as ‘Aligned’ learners (those answering with a high level of accuracy and certainty).

In order to access each training module, participants were first required to complete a CBM pre-assessment. This was done to establish their baseline knowledge.

A CBM post-assessment was then used to measure the level of knowledge retained following the completion of the Wranx module.

The Wranx performance analytics function was then able to compare learner performance across both assessments. This included using the CBM data to plot the “learning journey” of the participants.

A clear improvement in knowledge

The Spaced Repetition learning technique used by Wranx was a great success with participants, who enjoyed the bite-sized mobile learning.

By providing knowledge reinforcement after the initial inperson coaching, Coachworks were able to ensure that information was retained by participants.

After deploying Wranx, Coachworks noted that learner knowledge had increased by an impressive 125%. This also led to an improvement in performance, with profit per employee increasing by 48%.

Wranx came across as having a highly commercial approach, rather than viewing things from a purely L&D point of view. CEO Mark ‘seeks first to understand’ a potential partner, and then aligns client needs to the most appropriate back office support available. Adding Wranx as part of our training mix has ramped up the value of what we offer; reduced the cost of accessing our support; increased end client return on investment; and focused the teams that we are supporting in a fun and effective way

Karl Davis

Founder, Coachworks


knowledge increase


increase in profit per employee

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