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How IGT used Wranx to assure employee compliance while seeing a 100% reduction in misinformed learners

IGT, the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company, needs to continually educate employees on critical compliance areas in its industry. By incorporating Wranx into its delivery method, not only did knowledge retention improve among employees, accuracy improved too.


Key customer challenges:

Disparate workforce, reinforcing knowledge

Number of Texas employees trained:


Type of training delivered:


Number of employees trained:

191 hours 31 mins

Project duration:

6 weeks

Customer benefits:

Improved knowledge retention & assessment scores, decrease in misinformed learners, highlighted opportunities for additional learning

Delivering compliance training in a critical area

Providing effective compliance training to the workforce is critical in highly regulated industries such as gaming, where employees must be fully aware of their responsibilities and understand how best to protect customers from harm.

Because the IGT Texas sales force is on the front line with consumers and retailers, they need to be regularly updated in line with the latest industry guidelines and standards to mitigate compliance and regulatory risks.

IGT was looking for a method to effectively reinforce compliance knowledge and identify knowledge gaps among sales representatives and managers at their Texas site.

Effective knowledge reinforcement during COVID-19

Training needed to be implemented according to schedule in the midst of the initial impact of COVID-19 on standard business practices. IGT needed to assure that employees were retaining information, even in a virtual environment.

They required a reinforcement tool that could deliver digital learning in short bursts, while also giving accurate measures of knowledge retention. IGT chose Wranx as a key provider of compliance training.

Wranx is a microlearning platform that facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition.

This learning technique automatically identifies knowledge gaps within learner groups and provides a tailored learning path for each individual based on what they do and don’t know. The app is available on all devices, meaning that employees could access their training on the go at a time convenient to them.

A bespoke service, tailored to IGT

The Wranx Content Team created a customised compliance training module using existing material from an IGT partner and approved IGT training documents. The module was designed to reinforce learning among IGT Texas sales staff through daily bite-sized questions.

Where relevant, questions included additional resources and links to IGT partner websites. IGT also utilised Certainty Based Marking (CBM), which is an approach to multiple-choice assessments that requires learners to not only indicate which answer they think is correct, but also how certain they are that their chosen answer is correct.

This method exposes gaps in learners’ knowledge, clearly identifying “Misinformed” learners (employees who have high confidence in their poor knowledge).

In order to access the training module, participants were first required to complete a CBM pre-assessment. This was used to establish participants’ baseline knowledge.

IGT management and training personnel tracked performance and participation throughout the six-week exercise. Participants were also provided prompts and reminders as they progressed through the series of questions.

A post-assessment was then used to measure the level of knowledge retained following the completion of the Wranx module. The Wranx analytics function was then able to compare learner performance across both assessments. This included using the CBM data to plot the “learning journey” of the participants.

Clear improvement from pre to post-assessment

Results from the post-assessment showed a clear improvement in knowledge among learners – 100% of learners who completed the training module improved on their pre-assessment CBM score. 94% of learners also improved their accuracy from pre to post-assessment.

More than half of the questions in the post-assessment saw ≥90% correct responses. This information allowed IGT to identify topics that learners struggled with the most so that they could re-emphasise them in the following year.

IGT also saw a 100% decrease in “Misinformed” learners from pre to post-assessment, with all “Misinformed” learners becoming “Aligned” following the post-assessment (high levels of confidence and accuracy).

We are very happy with the service that has been provided by Wranx. The valuable information that was provided in the results of the six-week Wranx training program will now guide the development of future communication and educational opportunities. We were also able to use the results to highlight knowledge gaps/opportunities for additional education, as well as areas where only cursory refresher training would be required in the future.

Joseph Guillory

State Sales Trainer, IGT


of learners who completed the training improved their assessment scores


of learners were active and engaged


reduction in misinformed learners

questions answered

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