Case study

How Vertex improved employee knowledge by up to 60%, enabling better care for cystic fibrosis patients

Vertex introduced an innovative learning technique called Spaced Repetition to their employee training programme. The intention: to provide the best care possible for cystic fibrosis patients, by assuring their employees retain critical knowledge needed by caregivers.


Key customer challenges:

Disparate and diverse workforce, appealing to different learner groups, knowledge retention

Type of training delivered:

Product knowledge

Project duration:

1 year

Number of employees trained:


Total training time delivered:

43 hours 23 mins

Customer benefits:

Improved employee engagement & knowledge retention

Delivering engaging training to a diverse, disparate team

Vertex has a disparate workforce in the US and needed to deliver training at scale to their Managed Markets team and Case Managers, who support caregivers and patients that are prescribed their medication.

Our Case Management team don’t do any selling – they service patients and caregivers. A lot of our patients are children, so we tend to talk to the caregivers, their parents or whoever is closely related to them and takes care of them, and help them with access to the medication, adherence to the medication and provision of educational resources

Chris Lorio

Director of Commercial Training and Development , Vertex

The Vertex workforce consists of multiple generations of people who like to learn in different ways. Vertex needed to make sure that, as they introduced new training programmes, they were meeting the needs and wants of different learner groups – in particular Millennials, who will make up the majority of the workforce in the next 10 years.

Accuracy of recall was critical

There is a rapid rate of information change within the pharmaceutical industry. As Vertex employees deal directly with caregivers, it was critical that they were being shown the correct information, as well as retaining it.

Vertex had a large volume of pharmaceutical product content to share with employees, and needed a way to make it more digestible and easy to understand, so that they could accurately pass that knowledge on to patients and caregivers.

A cost effective solution that appeals to different learners

Vertex wanted a solution that could take their existing content and deliver it in a bite-sized format via mobile to appeal to their Millenial/Gen Z learners. Feedback from learners showed that they wanted learning to be short and simple, and delivered on an app rather than attending a two-hour lecture.

Vertex found Wranx – a mobile microlearning platform that facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition. This learning technique automatically identifies knowledge gaps within learner groups and provides a tailored learning path for each individual based on what they do and don’t know.

The app is available on all devices, meaning that employees could access their training on the go at a time convenient to them. Vertex could also utilise the ‘Media Hub’ where learners could access a number of on-demand resources in a variety of formats such as videos, diagrams and PDFs – appealing to a diverse number of learners.

The training also needed to fit in with a wider blended learning approach for all employees. This tied in well with Wranx’s approach, where information learnt from previous training sessions (such as classroom-based training) can be reinforced at a later date in digestible chunks.

A bite-sized approach to content

Wranx’s Content team were able to convert a large amount of pharmaceutical-specific content into modules that were released monthly to employees. The training modules covered a wide range of information on their medicines, including new launches such as TRIKAFTA™, their breakthrough triple-combination therapy for cystic fibrosis.

Training modules were delivered in the form of ‘daily drills’ – approximately 10-12 questions a day that take no longer than 2–3 minutes to complete. This bite-sized approach worked well for Vertex employees, who were also sent daily reminders to complete their training.

Knowledge retained, time gained

Vertex saw improved levels of engagement with training, in particular within the 25-34 age group. When surveyed, 88% of Vertex employees stated that Wranx was extremely/very easy to use. Furthermore, 81% of employees said Wranx would enable them to improve in their role.

Over 11,000 questions were answered by learners, with the average session duration taking just 2 minutes and 35 seconds. This bite-sized approach to training meant that less time was taken away from an employee’s daily working routine, but without compromising on essential knowledge. Learners retained up to 60% more information in comparison to traditional face-to-face training.

With traditional e-learning you can get saturated with information and knowledge – and that becomes useless. Wranx does the complete opposite and allows learners to digest information easily and at their own pace. Feedback from learners has been really positive, with the daily drills having a massive impact on their knowledge. Wranx also allowed us to reduce time spent curating and creating content by using their in-house team who developed bespoke modules on our behalf. That really helped us save a lot of time and in turn, boost productivity.

Chris Lorio

Director of Commercial Training and Development, Vertex


of employees said Wranx would enable them to improve in their role


of learners retained more information in comparison to traditional face-to-face training

questions were answered


reduction in training time

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