Broxbourne Borough Council is the local authority for the Broxbourne non-metropolitan district of Hertfordshire, England. They provide local services such as health, equality and diversity and community safety to those in the Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Wormley, Turnford, Hoddesdon and Broxbourne areas.

What was needed? 

Broxbourne Borough Council typically provide a variety of training services for their employees including e-learning, classroom workshops and inductions. However, they were faced with the challenge of poor engagement and low knowledge retention and needed an effective learning platform to improve these.

What was delivered?

After meeting at Learning Technologies Conference & Expo 2018, Wranx and Broxbourne Borough Council were able to come together to create a strategy to introduce Wranx to their employees. Wranx was able to deliver a bite-sized learning module for the GDPR, alongside gamification elements on their platform, in hopes of increasing employee engagement. This training approach was unique compared to what Broxbourne Borough council had used before for their employees, therefore creating a memorable learning experience.

What were the results?

Training with Wranx was successful, as there was a rise in employee engagement levels and higher motivation to complete compulsory training. Employees enjoyed using it due to the training being completed at their convenience and the gamified nature of the platform transformed formal training into a fun exercise.

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Wranx has delivered over 67 hours of training to over 300 members of staff in just 6 weeks, reducing time and cost
spent organising training days for employees. The daily drills took only 2-3 minutes to complete and are accessible from any device, meaning staff could complete their mandatory training at a convenient time for them. The gamification features added some healthy competition amongst our staff, introducing a fun aspect to learning.

Kim Charles – Personnel Officer at Broxbourne Borough Council

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