Community are a UK trade union that represents members and their families in all industries and sectors within the UK. Their ethos revolves around protecting workers no matter how or where they work, and ensuring their job, living and family life are protected.

What was needed? 

Community wanted to offer their members educational modules that would enhance their skill sets and assist them in their job roles. Due to members being geographically dispersed across the UK, Community also needed a way to distribute learning and keep members connected.

What was delivered?

Community are always striving to help members acquire skills to enhance their prospects. So, Wranx were able to deliver microlearning content in short, bite-sized pieces that fit seamlessly into members’ workdays.

Wranx provided a range of revision courses that aimed to improve Community members’ skills, but also educate them on important topics. These courses include GCSE maths and English revision modules, mental health awareness and manual handling, which were widely accessible on learners’ mobile devices.

What were the results?

Community members have shown a positive reception to Wranx, enjoying the gamification features and finding the mobile app quick and easy to use, especially around busy work schedules. Members noted that using Wranx was a great opportunity to build their confidence, particularly in enhancing skills that are used in everyday work situations, such as maths. With additional assessments on the GCSE revision courses, members can now measure their progress and have visibility on what areas need improvement.

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Community are always exploring different means of helping our members acquire skills and qualifications to enhance their prospects. So microlearning is something we wanted to approach; Wranx delivers learning content in short, easily digestible learning pieces.

The new user interface offers self-paced, online training better suited to the learner needs, enabling them to fit training around other commitments. Our members have had a warm response to Wranx with gamification features being quick and easy to use. Our members have registered on more than one course and are trying different topic areas. Microlearning with Wranx definitely works for Community, delivering innovative learning solutions in line with our values of being a modern union for a changing world.

Sidra Nisa, National Organiser of Community TU

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