Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) is a leading global risk and compliance company. They provide insightful technology, industry expertise and data insights at every stage of the business and investment lifecycles. As markets fluctuate, regulations evolve and technology advances, DFIN is there. And through it all, they deliver confidence with the right solutions in moments that matter.

What was needed? 

DFIN strives to provide high-quality and expert support to its clients and customers. This often requires on-the-job training in various subject matters, processes, and industry knowledge across many applications in order to provide exceptional customer service. DFIN was already using webinars, training sites/materials, and in-person classroom training, but sought to further strengthen the Customer Service Team’s knowledge base.

What was delivered?

DFIN use Wranx to refresh their employees’ knowledge about company processes and applications, as well as industry terminology and requirements. Wranx’s Content Team convert materials from previous training sessions into short, bite-sized questions that form a refresher module for the Global Investment Market Customer Service Team. There are also plans to introduce additional topics that will be new to learners.

In order to consolidate employee knowledge around their latest Wranx modules, DFIN also utilise Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessments. Being able to measure employee confidence was an important metric, as they needed to expose any knowledge gaps and find out whether employees could apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Being able to identify topics where employees lack confidence helps to inform future training decisions and avoid non-compliance. 

DFIN use Wranx to help offer consistent training delivered over 4–6 weeks. Wranx’s training is ideal for a global workforce, taking only 2–3 minutes a day, and is available on any device.  This means employees can complete training at their own convenience.

What were the results?

DFIN employees are receptive to Wranx’s approach and the Spaced Repetition question format. The results from the initial modules were positive, with DFIN participants noting “high learner engagement” during a peak business time in their industry.

DFIN learners also completed CBM assessments alongside their Annual Report Peak Refresher and August Peak Refresher Wranx training modules. Both of these modules had pre and post-assessments to help demonstrate learner progression. 81% of learners improved their pre-assessment scores in the Annual Report Peak Refresher post-assessment, and then an impressive 91% of learners improved in the post-assessment for the August Peak Refresher module.

Incorporating CBM assessments into their training strategy proved to be beneficial, as employees showed that they were consistently improving in knowledge, and DFIN could successfully measure this.

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I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees about using Wranx. It’s a much more doable format for them and almost makes a game out of learning. It’s more bite-sized and doable on a repeat basis.

The staff at Wranx have been very helpful and communicative and I find having access to the analytical information very useful. I am able to pull status updates by employee/team and see how well we are doing as a group. We have had great participation among the GIM CS Team and hope to keep the momentum going in our next module.

Kim Michaud, Process and Project Leader

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