IGT is the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company, enabling players to experience their favourite games across a variety of channels and regulated segments, including gaming machines, lotteries, and interactive and social gaming. It delivers best-in-class products and services across six continents. 

What was needed?

IGT needed to deliver product training for their new game launches and ensure salespeople would be comfortable talking about them to customers. The training needed to be cost effective and it was important for knowledge to be retained for a sustained period after training was complete. 

What was delivered?

Wranx delivered training questions and assessments for IGT employees based on the training requirements for each of the company’s new games. Questions were delivered to employees at a rate of a few a day, with individuals receiving a focus on areas in which their knowledge was shown to need strengthening. 

IGT also used Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessments, which requires learners to rate the certainty of their answer from ‘High’ to ‘Low’, in order to gauge whether employees were truly confident in their new knowledge.

What were the results?

IGT found that training was more successful than it had been previously, as employees were able to carry it out at times and places of their own convenience, could regularly refresh their knowledge due to the flexible, ‘anytime’ nature of Wranx and were encouraged to engage by gamification features. 

The results of their first assessment showed a 90% increase in average score from pre to post-assessment – showing the effectiveness of our personalised Spaced Repetition approach to reinforce new training. After their second post-assessment, 80% of learners fell into the ‘Aligned’ category of our Knowledge Quadrant – meaning that they answered accurately in their assessments with high confidence. This was an important metric to IGT, as it showed employees could now accurately talk and confidently sell to their customers, achieving one of their original training objectives.

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It’s incredible to see our sales representatives so engaged in training. They love the daily drills and the competitive, gamification aspects. More importantly, they value how Wranx helps them retain information they learn in the classroom so that they can be more effective in the field. Every team to which we introduce Wranx falls in love with the approach.

Danielle Davis, Sales Enablement Program Manager at IGT

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