Matrix is a professional hair care brand which is part of the L’Oréal Professional Products Division. The brand offers a wide range of hair care, hair colour and hair texturising products including: Biolage, Total Results™, SoColor, Color Sync, Light Master and Bond Ultim8.

What was needed? 

Matrix’s business model is a distributor indirect sales model, so they needed to find an e-learning tool to give their customer facing teams a learning solution which is remote for field and store teams. They needed the tool to be quick as well as being impactful and engaging in terms of staff electing to do the learning and building their product knowledge. Matrix also needed to establish a great communication method to their teams, due to the business being fast-paced with constantly changing content around product features and benefits.

What was delivered?

Matrix started using Wranx for product knowledge training for their sales teams, store educators and internal staff. They also used Wranx to reinforce classroom learning for groups of hairdressers that had previously attended training courses. The majority of those taking part in the daily training were field based staff working remotely, so being able to access on tablets and smartphones has been a key benefit. Whilst most people had used some type of e-learning previously, the 2 minutes a day has been voted as one of the best features of Wranx with the benefit being bite size chunks of learning that makes the information stay with you longer.

What were the results?

Using the unique method of Spaced Repetition that Wranx provides, the refresher training proved to be very popular with the hairdressers, with 100% of users stating that using Wranx would enable them to improve in their role. Furthermore, Matrix have seen up to 87% overall engagement from participants, with 6am-8am being the most popular time of day for users to complete their Wranx drills. The ability to access training anywhere on any device was also a success factor, with 76% of logins being recorded on mobile devices.

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The Wranx team are super organised and professional and have hand-held us from pilot to launch which has
been seamless. It’s 2 minutes, low commitment, low cost and improves brand communication. The gamification and internal want for success between teams has also given engagement, with success and recognition being a driving force to keep improving their scores.

Deborah Bees
National Education Manager at Matrix

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