Oil Spill Response is the largest international, industry-funded cooperative that exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. It provides preparedness, response and intervention services and is wholly owned by environmentally responsible oil and gas companies, who represent the majority of global oil production. 

What was needed?

Due to the high level of knowledge and expertise required by its employees, Oil Spill Response delivers a lot of training. This can result in “training fatigue,” especially for conventional slideshow- and classroom-based training. The organisation wanted to find an effective way to deliver and reinforce previous training that would help to minimise training fatigue. 

What was delivered?

Wranx supplemented sessions from one of Oil Spill Response’s training programmes with daily, two- to three-minute daily drills about the information covered, repeatedly refreshing the knowledge and helping employees to commit it to long-term memory. The approach was delivered for around 40 employees from around 80 who were on the programme and used gamification to encourage engagement. 

What were the results?

Of the Oil Spill Response employees that used the Wranx platform, 65% said they found it very or extremely easy to use and 67% said they found the training beneficial.  

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Our experience working with Wranx has been very good. They listened to what we wanted and devised the software accordingly. Feedback from users was also very positive. The competitive nature of the league tables was a surprisingly useful incentive to encourage participation.

Andy Nicoll – Advocacy Manager at Oil Spill Response

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