PSA Peugeot Citroen is the second largest carmaker in Europe. It has 16 production sites across the world, operates in 160 countries and employs over 250,000 people.  

What was needed?

The company wanted to create excitement and enthusiasm around learning across all its dealerships, with the goal of improving learning engagement and effectiveness. It also needed to ensure that its salespeople understood the key features and benefits of its products and would remain consistently up-to-date on product info. 

What was delivered?

Wranx used product information provided by PSA Peugeot to create product information learning modules for its salespeople, with a particular focus on product features and benefits. Gamification features were used to encourage engagement among employees. 

What were the results?

PSA Peugeot reported that its employees not only responded well to learning via the Wranx platform, but also that the business made huge cost savings by reducing the need to take employees away from the workplace to train them, instead allowing staff to learn at time and in places that were convenient to them. The platform’s reporting functionality, meanwhile, enabled regional managers to see how sales staff were progressing and also highlighted difficult topics that needed to be covered in more depth. 

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PSA Peugeot

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