Sherry FitzGerald is Ireland’s largest property advisory firm, with over 650 employees and more than 90 branches throughout Ireland. The Group’s services include providing advice about residential and commercial properties, mortgages, lettings and investments. 

What was needed?

Sherry FitzGerald needed to deliver training for all employees as part of its annual anti-money laundering (AML) compliance activity. The company already ran classroom training sessions, but wanted a way to reinforce knowledge that was easy, enjoyable and convenient for employees. 

What was delivered?

Wranx converted Sherry FitzGerald’s AML content into short multiple-choice questions, which were quick to answer for employees, validated learning and allowed the compliance team to measure training success. Gamification helped to ensure the approach was enjoyable for employees, while Wranx’s mobile access meant daily drills could be done at times convenient to employees. 

What were the results?

All Sherry FitzGerald employees found Wranx to be a good or excellent method of learning and 90% of employees agreed that the Spaced Repetition method employed helped to improve their knowledge retention about AML. The company also found an improved understanding of AML as a result of using Wranx, with time and cost savings made on training too.  

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