Soletanche Bachy is the world’s largest specialist geotechnical contractor, serving a wide range of clients from both the private and public sectors.  

What was needed?

The company needed to deliver health and safety training to its senior management staff around the globe in a fast and cost-effective manner. Due to the huge diversity of the client’s workforce, the training also had to be delivered in a variety of languages and accessible from a range of devices. 

What was delivered?

Wranx translated Soletanche Bachy’s training material into a number of languages and based module questions on it, with employees answering a few questions a day. Using just names and email addresses, Users could be reached and trained regardless of the country in which they were based or what language they spoke. Employees were presented with just a few questions each day on health and safety, and could complete their daily drills from desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

What were the results?

Soletanche Freyssinet, the parent company of Soletanche Bachy, attributed a significant reduction in the number of accidents to the introduction of Wranx. The variety of languages offered resulted in an 81% engagement level, which was unprecedented at the company, and employees fed-back positively about the Wranx approach, platform and cross-device accessibility. 

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The process has been very beneficial, with positive feedback from our trainees. Starting each day with a few questions on health and safety is an effective way of improving our company’s safety culture. Wranx has helped to change and improve the health and safety mindset at Soletanche Freyssinet by creating higher awareness of this key subject matter.

Lorenzo Alessi‐ Quality Safety Environmental Director at Soletanche Freyssinet

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