Tata Steel Europe is a steelmaking company headquartered in London, UK, which mainly operates in the UK and the Netherlands. It is one of the largest steel producers in Europe and serves many demanding markets worldwide, including construction and infrastructure, automotive, packaging, and engineering.

What was needed? 

Tata Steel Europe needed a fresh approach to product knowledge training due to the restructuring of its account management practices and the growing need for face-to-face interaction between customers and staff. This meant that Tata Steel Europe’s employees needed to significantly grow their knowledge of a greater product range in order to deliver high quality customer service.

What was delivered?

Wranx’s Content Team created nine custom modules, with content tailored towards Tata Steel Europe’s desired learning objectives. For example, modules on Hot-Rolled Steel and Cold-Rolled Steel were created to improve employee’s product knowledge. Wranx also provided assessments to help determine whether product knowledge was successfully retained by learners. Real-time analytics on the platform helped confirm this, whilst also identifying areas of training improvement for each individual user.

What were the results?

On the whole, Wranx was received positively by employees, who enjoyed learning using Spaced Repetition. This method proved to be extremely effective as assessment results showed that 97% of learners improved from pre to post-assessment score, with learners answering, on average, 7.5 (out of 30) more questions correctly in their post-assessment.

Learners also benefited from the accessibility of additional learning materials, which were hosted in the Media Hub on the platform. This meant they could carry out independent learning, or complete their daily drills, when commuting or travelling on business!

Finally, Wranx formed the basis of Tata Steel Europe winning the 2018 Steelie Award for ‘Excellence in education and training’ presented  by the World Steel Association. This award recognised Wranx as ‘new and unique’ to the industry, but also future-focused and attuned to the changing workforce demographic.



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[Wranx is] a new concept for workplace learning and is particularly relevant for needing to embed knowledge in a fresh, enjoyable and cost-effective way. [Wranx] have a great platform, but specifically, a great team who are only too willing to help you build the learning solution you need.

Andrew Barker, Head of Academy


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