The North Face® is an American outdoor recreation product company. Built on innovation, The North Face® brand offers unrivalled, technically-advanced outdoor products designed for everyone: from the most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, snowsport athletes and endurance athletes, to novice explorers in search of adventure.

What was needed? 

The North Face® US needed an effective way of training and reinforcing product and customer service knowledge to 298,000 staff across the US. Subsequent to running trainer-led sessions, they wanted an effective solution to reinforce the information and create a more blended learning approach for their employees. The North Face® US  chose Wranx to deliver this additional training, which was further influenced by an existing long-standing relationship with The North Face® EMEA.

What was delivered?

Following a successful pilot, Wranx is now delivering retail-based training as part of a three year contract with The North Face® US. Training is delivered to a wholesale channel across the US, including well-established retail stores such as Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI.  Learners are structured into specific groups with varying levels of access, depending on their job roles. 

Wranx leverages both Spaced Repetition and microlearning in order to effectively improve employee knowledge retention. Gamification was also an essential component of their learning – Wranx created bespoke badges that could be earned by learners, which allowed them to redeem their employee shopping discount in their store. 

The North Face® US utilised the Media Hub to host a library of learning resources, such as product videos and the Explorer Magazine, enhancing the learner experience and providing on-demand learning. Training materials were previously hard to access, and were either printed or saved on computers in store.

What were the results?

Since the phase one launch, a  total of 251,556 questions have been answered and 822 hours of training has been delivered to The North Face® US learners. The average session duration has been 1 minutes and 58 seconds – highlighting how conveniently training fits into a working day.  

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Wranx is exactly what we were looking for when we needed to improve our training offerings to our wholesale accounts. They bent over backwards to ensure that what we needed is what they could, would and did provide. Being part of a large corporation, it took a long time for us to get buy-in and approval to move forward with Wranx and Wranx was so patient with this process! 

We never felt any pressure or disappointment from them during this process. The effort required by the shop employees is minimal but the payoff is exceptional! Every single person that we have worked with has shown a genuine interest in what we are doing, asks great questions and gives 110% back to us. 

Even though we are in very different time zones the Wranx team ALWAYS responds in less than 24 hours! The internal teams at Wranx talk to each other and any conversation we have with one person, they are aware of what the other teams are working on.

We really appreciate the genuine professionalism that the Wranx team brings to all of our projects!

Sr. Training Manager at The North Face®

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