Xerox is one of the world’s leading tech companies. It provides business services, document management and workflow solutions to help businesses and governments work better. 

What was needed?

The company decided to use Wranx as part of a blended learning programme, combining virtual classroom training, video learning and a series of links to other learning resources. It used the platform’s learning analytics functionality to compare the effectiveness of the programme with and without an additional daily two minutes of refresher learning, also delivered via the Wranx platform. 

What was delivered?

Wranx created a variety of test questions designed to improve knowledge among Xerox employees. Throughout the trial, each user received a daily reminder to keep up with their training and, after the trial, users in each group took a test of 20 questions.  

What were the results?

Employees learning with the Wranx platform averaged a 16% higher test score than those who didn’t. In addition, learners gave positive feedback about the platform, reporting that it was enjoyable to use, easy to integrate into their daily routine and convenient in helping them to ‘top up’ their learning as and when they had time via mobile, desktop or tablet. Employees who used Wranx were also found to have an increased interest in other learning materials and demonstrated an improved ability to deal with customer issues. 

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As a learning professional I found the Wranx team very responsive to our needs and requests, and we will be continuing to use Wranx for our future learning programs.

Jason Etherington, Training Developer at Xerox

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