New knowledge

When new knowledge needs to be disseminated through an association or union and learned by all members, ensuring the process is quick, easy and effective is key. Wranx delivers new information to members in small easily digestible chunks via its online platform and mobile app, which ensures members learn quickly, but effectively.

New members

When new members join your association or union, they need to be brought up to speed on any specialist knowledge required, processes for getting things done and rules that need to be followed. Wranx uses your existing materials to create customised training content and onboard new members quickly with a convenient, light-touch approach.

More benefits

  • Keep your union connected across a dispersed workforce
  • Reduce costs of traditional training including travel and accommodation
  • Help members learn and retain different topics in 2–3 minutes a day

Onboarding success at unionlearn


Wranx has partnered with unionlearn to support its members by providing bite-sized Functional Skills and GCSE Maths and English revision online. Wranx has also been involved in a number of Union Learning Fund projects.

"Unionlearn is really pleased to be able to offer union members this new learning tool. Wranx uses the simple idea of Spaced Repetition to provide learning that can really benefit our members, even with as little as 2–3 minutes of training a day.”
— Dave Eva, Union Learning Fund, Contracts Manager at unionlearn

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