A blended approach

Blended learning is proven to be the most effective way for learners to take in and retain new knowledge. Wranx adapts and tailors your existing educational materials to create customised, e-learning drills and assessments that improve knowledge retention and revision through knowledge reinforcement.

Performance tracking

To ensure learners take in and retain knowledge as effectively as possible, you need to have a deep understanding of their learning performance. Wranx provides detailed learning performance analytics that can give you insights about what areas individual learners need to focus on and what content can be improved to aid the learning process.

More benefits

  • Improve student confidence, knowledge retention and test scores
  • Add an effective revision tool that needs only 2–3 minutes a day
  • Easily identify where students are struggling to provide extra help

Education success at Gateshead College

Gateshead College

Gateshead College was looking to support its students with effective revision techniques for GCSE Maths and English and needed a digital solution that would appeal to the range of students at the college.

“We’ve chosen to partner with Wranx because they have a unique proposition which is ideally suited to our students. It offers elements of gamification, designed to help them remain engaged, and a measurement of performance with rewards and recognition features.”
— Chris Toon, Deputy Principal at Gateshead College

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