New employees

While new starters can benefit from an extended and comprehensive induction, it can require a lot of time from existing employees that could otherwise be spending it on day-to-day work. Wranx brings new employees fully up to speed on company procedures and policies, while minimising any impact to the workloads of existing employees and supports their continual learning afterwards.

New training

It’s not just new employees who need to go through the onboarding process. When a new product, service, process or piece of software is introduced, all existing employees have to be shown the ropes for it. Wranx makes this a quick and effective process.

More benefits

  • Reduce the time taken for new starters to get up-to-speed
  • Lower your organisation's costs for recruitment and onboarding
  • Train new hires without disrupting the availability of existing staff

Onboarding success at TNT


Wranx implemented a new training programme for TNT's newly introduced procedures for supervisors that didn't require classroom training that would keep them away from their roles.


Onboarding Mobile Learning

71% of employees who were trained at TNT found the Wranx training beneficial.

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