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Reinforce Knowledge E-learning

Employee performance

It can be time-consuming and logistically tricky to try and keep employees fully trained all the time. Wranx uses short but regular drills and assessments that employees can do at times of their choosing to ensure that important knowledge is kept continuously up-to-date.

Reinforce Knowledge E-learning

Company performance

By providing a proven effective means of keeping employee knowledge up-to-date, Wranx enables your organisation as a whole to optimise its performance. By identifying areas of training weakness for each individual employee, it is also able to ensure the areas that need attention are addressed.

More benefits

  • Improve employee capabilities, morale and performance
  • Build reputation through improved customer relationships
  • Reduce the need for and cost of ongoing training

Reinforcing success at Tata Steel Europe

Tata Steel Europe

Tata Steel Europe used Wranx for a fresh approach to product knowledge training, due to the restructuring of its practices and the growing need for face-to-face interaction between customers and staff.


Employee Development Microlearning

97% of Tata Steel Europe's learners improved from pre to post-assessment score, with learners answering, on average, 7.5 more questions correctly.

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