Training Modules and Assessments

Wranx training is made up of ‘daily drills’ – a series of approximately 10 questions per day.

Wranx measures knowledge levels with complete flexibility, multiple-choice assessments can be launched before a module (‘pre-assessments’) to establish a baseline of knowledge and/or after a module (‘post-assessments’) to measure the level of knowledge acquired following completion.

Combining pre and post-assessments generates an a/b test, highlighting improvements to the level of knowledge attained. If preferred, we can create stand-alone assessments to measure the effectiveness of other training types (e.g. classroom learning).

Assessments can be tailored to the client’s needs – for example, variable pass rates (%) can be set and assessments can be scheduled for specific release dates.

Wranx multiple-choice assessments with Certainty Based Marking (CBM)

Wranx offers you the flexibility to add Certainty Based Marking (CBM) to assessments to help identify performances more accurately. This option highlights accuracy and confidence. 

When selected, learners must rate their certainty before they are able to select an answer. Multiple-choice assessments that feature CBM have been proven to stimulate a higher level of careful thinking over simple right or wrong answers, creating a more accurate assessment.

Assessments featuring CBM have the following benefits:

  • Challenges learners to think about how reliable their answer is
  • Encourages learners to understand the issues, not just to react immediately to a question
  • Encourages learners to think laterally; other pieces of knowledge may help to validate or question their answer
  • Exposes gaps in knowledge – if they won’t risk losing marks by selecting a wrong answer, they probably don’t know it
  • Teaches learners the importance of being certain as well as thinking carefully
  • Assesses fairly – a thoughtful and confident correct answer deserves more marks than a lucky guess
  • Increases attention – if learners make confident wrong answers, they can think, reflect and learn!
  • Allows for self-assessment – efficient study requires people to constantly question how their ideas arise, and how reliable they are

Training modules specific to your organisation

Reduce time spent curating and creating content by using our in-house Instructional design team, who can develop bespoke Spaced Repetition training modules on your behalf. 

Wranx can take any existing materials that you may have in formats like text, video or audio and convert them into short, bite-sized modules and assessments that require only a few minutes a day to complete.

We also have a range of off-the-shelf modules to choose from that may fit your requirements.

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