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Maintain employee and company performance

Training shouldn’t be delivered once, but on an ongoing basis, so as to keep your employees and your company performing to the highest possible levels.

Of course, it can be time-consuming and logistically tricky to try and keep employees fully and effectively trained all the time.

Wranx uses short but regular drills and assessment that employees can do at times of their choosing to ensure that important knowledge is continually and effectively reinforced.

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We were able to measure the impact of Wranx on our learners and found on average that those that had used Wranx regularly retained 16% more knowledge than those who did not use Wranx. As a learning professional I found the Wranx team very responsive to our needs and requests, and we will be continuing to use Wranx for our future learning programs.

Jason Etherington, Training Developer at Xerox

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