Content creation made easy

Deliver bite-sized training to learners at just the right time, with our intuitive and simple-to-use authoring tool.

Combined with the science of Spaced Repetition, you can ensure that the training you curate goes above and beyond what it needs to do.

Create engaging modules from scratch with our selection of templates, or quickly upload questions with our bulk importer to deliver training in an efficient manner. 

Easily clone content to quickly repurpose existing training materials for different cohorts or user groups.

Set-up is effortless, with built in authoring tips on the platform and a full user guide to support both authors and publishers when creating content.

Customisable templates & assessments

Choose from a library of question templates to cater to different learner types and keep training engaging. Our advanced content editor also allows you to embed rich media including imagery, video and PowerPoint slides into any question.

Measure knowledge retention among learners by creating Certainty Based Marking assessments, which highlight both learner accuracy and confidence. These can be used before a module to establish a baseline of knowledge and/or after a module to measure the level of knowledge acquired.

Once you have started to create content, you can preview questions in ‘mobile mode’ to see how your content will appear on different devices.

A collaborative approach

When curating training resources, multiple people may need to contribute and provide feedback on a project.

With Wranx Create, organisations have the flexibility to choose different workflows depending on who has author rights and who needs to approve training content before it is published.

Need to get a second opinion from a subject-matter expert? No problem! Easily collaborate with teammates for feedback and approval before publishing your content to your learners.  

Keep up to date with module progress, with a complete audit trail of who has published what and to whom.

Deploy and monitor impact

We understand that not all training content will be relevant to everyone in an organisation, and modules may need to be deployed to different teams across the world. 

With Wranx, you can schedule and assign content to multiple cohorts of learners based on defined criteria, such as department, store or language.

Furthermore, there is an option to make your content available through ‘self-enrolment’, allowing users to optionally enrol on the content that is best suited to their needs.

Once a module has been published, gain actionable insights on how people are engaging with your content with Wranx Analytics. Here you can measure the effectiveness of your training initiatives and identify knowledge gaps amongst learners.

Designed with the learner in mind

With a mobile-first design, learners can access engaging lessons that work seamlessly on any device, taking just 2–3 minutes a day to complete. 

Create a familiar learning environment with a customised white-labelled experience that represents your brand and core values.

Take your learners from Novice to Expert with additional gamification features such as badges, achievements and leaderboards that can all be linked to modules created by you. 

Branded digital certificates can also be rewarded to learners after completing a module or passing an assessment.

Benefits of Wranx Create

  • Take control of your learning initiatives
  • Allocate training to different learners
  • Engaging question templates
  • Speedy course creation
  • Collaborate with ease

How to get started

  • Request a demo where we will walk you through the platform and share indicative pricing for your organisation
  • Once a contract has been signed, we will set up user groups and hierarchies on your behalf
  • We can then set up Author and Publisher accounts for the authoring tool, as well as Analytics reporting rights
  • A comprehensive question writing guide will also be provided, along with a manual for Wranx Create 
  • In addition to this, a full onboarding program will be included to get your learners up to speed and engaged with the platform
  • An initial content consultation can also be included, where a member of our Content Team will share best practice on question writing, and consult on how to get the most out of your content and achieve your training objectives

Not ready to create your own content?

We also offer a content creation package, where our in-house Content Team develop bespoke training modules and courses on your behalf. Learn more here.

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