Telecommunications professionals continually need to keep pace with advances in communications technology, as well as ongoing product and service updates. Coupled with rotation between positions and responsibilities, it can be hard to deliver the correct underpinning knowledge that employees require effectively.

Telecommunications organisations need a way of delivering high-quality, consistent training to a disparate workforce with minimum disruption to their key roles. To achieve this, it’s key to maintain on-demand, digital training that can seamlessly fit into a work shift.

This is where Wranx can help: bite-sized, Spaced Repetition training that can be completed in minutes and on any device.

How Wranx can help:

  • Keep employees up to date with new product releases and company procedures
  • Improve knowledge retention amongst employees
  • Boost sales by improving product and service knowledge
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Improve employee performance in 2–3 minutes a day

Enable your team to retain up to 60% more information without taking time away from day-to-day operations. Wranx training modules are delivered in the form of ‘daily drills’ – approximately 10 questions a day that take no longer than 2–3 minutes to complete.

Wranx facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition information is broken down and presented to learners at increasingly spaced intervals, depending on their confidence with their answers. This regular reinforcement of knowledge is scientifically proven to aid long-term memory retention without the need for additional hours in the classroom, helping achieve better workplace efficiency.

Certainty Based Marking

Clearly identify knowledge gaps in your workforce

Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessments allow you to measure both employee confidence and competence by asking learners to not only indicate which answer they think is correct, but also how certain, from ‘High’ to ‘Low’, they are about their chosen answer.

CBM exposes gaps in learners’ knowledge and clearly identifies ‘Misinformed learners’ – employees who have high confidence in their poor knowledge. For clients who have utilised CBM assessments alongside Wranx training modules, Wranx can show an 84% decrease in ‘Misinformed learners’ and a 27% increase in ‘Aligned learners’ – those who are confident and display good knowledge levels.


Wranx Analytics

Assess performance with learning intelligence

Take out the guesswork with dashboards that highlight strengths and weaknesses in your workforce. Wranx performance analytics provide managers and team leaders with actionable data and meaningful insights about learners that can be used to aid performance and drive future learning and development initiatives. 

The live data generated by platform users is captured in intuitive dashboards and presented using a variety of metrics, including engagement, active/dormant users, question success and average visit time.

How Vrbo improved employee knowledge & efficiency

"Wranx has given us increased flexibility to deliver training content and updates to our reps in a manner that is quick, engaging and fast, ensuring our reps retain new information as quickly as possible."


Vrbo saw high engagement rates of up to 92% on the Wranx platform, with call-times dropping by an average of about 5 seconds.

Training modules specific to your organisation

Reduce time spent curating and creating content by using our in-house Content Team, who can develop bespoke Spaced Repetition training materials on your behalf. Our team can convert existing content into short, bite-sized modules that can easily be digested by call reps. We also have a range of off-the-shelf modules to choose from that may fit your requirements.

The Wranx Content Team worked well with me to understand our needs and smoothed out any queries before going live to be sure we were ready, but also made it known they were available to change plans at short notice if needed, which was appreciated.

– Elaine Glover, E-commerce Co Sourcing Team Leader at The North Face EMEA

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