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Your training materials may have been doing the job for years, but they may not be working as effectively as they can. By converting them to be delivered via proven learning techniques, you can increase the effectiveness of your organisation’s training, reduce training time and improve ROI. Wranx can take your learning materials in formats like text, video or audio and convert them into Personalised Spaced Repetition drills and assessments that require only a few minutes a day to complete.

Speak their language

If you’re a big organisation, the likelihood is that you have employees around the world, so training is needs to be in multiple languages. By localising your training based on one overall approach, you can cater for employees in any country and ensure that training is consistent around the world.

No hanging around

“Wranx has given us increased flexibility to deliver training content and updates to our reps in a manner that is quick, engaging and fast, ensuring our reps retain new information as quickly as possible. It is an amazing partner in our education program and has proactively helped us to reach our goals.”

Catherine Osborne, Manager of Education and Knowledge, HomeAway


It can take as little as two weeks to get set up with customised content on Wranx.

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