Bite-sized training that can be completed in minutes and on any device

Wranx is a microlearning platform that facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition. 

Learning that will improve the performance of your organisation

training that can be completed in minutes and on any device

Wranx is a microlearning platform that facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition. 

The powerful machine learning that underpins Wranx automatically identifies knowledge gaps within learner groups and provides a tailored learning path for each individual based on what they do and don’t know.  

Training modules are delivered in the form of ‘daily drills’ – approximately 10-12 questions a day that take no longer than 2–3 minutes to complete.

Bite-size is the right size

Microlearning breaks topics down into tiny pieces. It is shown to aid the learning process because it suits the brain’s ability to learn short, easily consumable segments, rather than being overwhelmed by large volumes of new information in one go. 

By using a microlearning approach to deliver learning content to employees, Wranx both accelerates the learning process and improves knowledge retention.

Effective knowledge retention

Wranx uses an innovative learning technique called Spaced Repetition – where information is broken down and presented to learners at increasingly spaced intervals, depending on their confidence with their answers.

This regular reinforcement of knowledge is scientifically proven to aid long-term memory retention without the need for additional hours in the classroom, helping achieve better workplace efficiency.

Clearly identify knowledge gaps in your workforce

Multiple-choice questions are ideal for testing employee knowledge, but unknown answers can be guessed to give a false indication of knowledge. Certainty Based Marking (CBM) overcomes this by asking employees to indicate how certain they are that their chosen answer is correct. The Wranx platform uses this within assessments to identify exactly how strong employee knowledge is and to focus more attention on areas that need work.

Measure both employee confidence and competence by asking learners to not only indicate which answer they think is correct, but also how certain, from ‘High’ to ‘Low’, they are about their chosen answer.

Honest self-assessment

Without an incentive to do so, employees may not report their confidence in an answer accurately to achieve a higher score. A marking system weighted towards honest self-assessment ensures the accuracy of employee responses.

The weighted CBM marking system that Wranx uses encourages more careful consideration of assessment questions among learners and provides a more reliable indication of learner competence.

CBM exposes gaps in learners’ knowledge and clearly identifies ‘Misinformed learners’ – employees who have high confidence in their poor knowledge. For clients who have utilised CBM assessments alongside Wranx training modules, Wranx can show an 84% decrease in ‘Misinformed learners’ and a 27% increase in ‘Aligned learners’ – those who are confident and display good knowledge levels.

Assess performance with learning intelligence

Take out the guesswork with dashboards that highlight strengths and weaknesses in your workforce. Wranx performance analytics provide managers and team leaders with actionable data and meaningful insights about learners that can be used to aid performance and drive future learning and development initiatives.

The live data generated by platform users is captured in intuitive dashboards and presented using a variety of metrics, including engagement, active/dormant users, question success and average visit time.

Engage learners

Without any incentive, training is simply a task to be completed. Introducing game-playing elements that reward employees for their learning achievements, results in dopamine being produced in the brain and subsequently increases engagement and enjoyment. The Wranx platform is built upon this scientific principle to help optimise employee learning performance.

Wranx’s gamification model employs over 30 different achievements and leaderboards that encourage friendly competition among employees. These gamification features built into Wranx have been shown to increase training engagement, enjoyment and, ultimately, effectiveness.

Additional learning resources made accessible

Learning content can also be linked with resources in the Media Hub and are presented as ‘Additional Resources’ at the end of a daily drill. These additional resources are proactively presented to learners, as they are linked with content they are struggling with – helping to close knowledge gaps.

The Media Hub can host a variety of resources on the Wranx platform, including a selection of formats such as PDFs, Word Documents, presentations, training manuals, videos and diagrams. Clients are able to store their learning materials all in one place, offering on-demand performance support and learning resources which can be accessed by employees at any time.

Learning that will improve the performance of your organisation