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Wranx is an employee development platform – a technology-based training tool that puts learning in the palm of your employees’ hands. It uses the simple scientific idea of spaced repetition to provide learning that can really benefit your staff, even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day.

Wranx makes learning easy and effective for everyone. And, dare we say it, even a little bit fun.

Employee Development Platform

Wranx is a results driven platform that:

  • Accelerates employee learning

    Scholar Hat

    Manageable bite-size chunks of training that can be done wherever and whenever it suits.

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  • Engages & motivates employees

    Trophy with Cogs inside

    Clever gamification features and our in-app communication ‘bubble’ make learning fun and rewarding.

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  • Provides measurements you can trust

    Check List

    In-built learning validation techniques and real time reporting keeps you up-to-date on progress, as it happens.

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  • Delivers tailored multilingual content

    Speech Bubbles

    Making your training material Wranx friendly and accessible to all is easy.

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A Proven Solution

  • 96% of Wranx users

    Found Wranx extremely / very easy to use

  • 86% of Wranx users

    Feel that using Wranx will enable them to improve in their role

  • 80% of Wranx users

    Found our method of learning extremely / very beneficial

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