Train, Onboard and Reward your Retail Team with Wranx

Thousands of staff to onboard and keep up to date on new products? Don’t worry, Wranx has got you covered! 

Onboard with ease during busy periods

 Hiring thousands of temporary staff to cover the busy Winter period is no mean feat. Getting those new starters up to date with company policies and procedures, as well as that all important product knowledge is essential to driving sales and reaching business targets. Luckily with Wranx you can onboard your staff quickly, with maximum knowledge retention.


Employees are brought up to speed quickly, so they can start adding value


Employees feel more engaged and more a part of the organization

Increase product knowledge with ease

Your staff need to be knowledgeable and confident to provide excellent customer service and boost sales. With Wranx, they can easily learn on the go using spaced repetition. Just 2 minutes each day is all it takes to train and retain knowledge long term!


Encourage your team to train daily with gamification features


Incentivize your team for high scores and their dedication to learning

Increase your sales team’s knowledge, and sales will start increasing too!


Why train your retail staff with Wranx?

Train remote 

QUICK & engaging

Training takes just 2 minutes per day to complete and is fun with quiz-style questions


Less time needed on training gives your sales team more time to make sales

Easily accessible

Staff can train from any device at a time convenient for them


Employees have greater confidence in their abilities which will make them happier


More knowledgable employees naturally results in increased sales


Spaced repetition training is scientifically proven to aid long term retention

Wranx Success Stories

See how managers, like you, are harnessing the power of Wranx to make training engaging

Using this platform has had a direct impact on our customers, as a higher level of training has ensured they have an enjoyable experience in store. The uplift in sales is clear, as customers have said that their purchase decisions were influenced by our store colleague’s advanced product knowledge!

Keith Byrne

Senior Brand Education Manager, The North Face EMEA

It’s 2 minutes, low commitment, low cost and improves brand communication. The gamification and internal want for success between teams has also driven engagement, with success and recognition being a driving force to keep improving their scores.

Deborah Lees

National Education Manger, Matrix, L’Oréal

The support team at Wranx made the onboarding process a breeze. They are quick to respond to all inquiries and help create a learning tool that is bespoke to your training needs. Wranx is easy to use and our learners love the gamification aspect of the platform. It really makes learning fun!

Marianne Thatcher

Sales Training Manager, Jordan's Furniture

Track progress and incentivize hard workers

Using Wranx, you have the ability to track your learners’ increasing knowledge, aiding the decision-making process for offering permanent positions. Additionally, you can motivate staff by rewarding employees for training, leading to a subsequent boost in sales.

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