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Safeguard your business and provide industry expertise

Keeping employees up-to-date on regulations, policies and laws not only protects your business, but helps to provide the best possible industry expertise for customers.

It can be tricky for employees to remember all of the compliance information they need to, especially when regulations, policies and laws are changed or updated.

Wranx uses short but regular drills and assessment to keep your employees fully up-to-speed on the regulations, policies and laws that they need to know.

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The training resulted in an improved understanding of the topic and employees enjoyed the spaced repetition methodology utilised by Wranx. Most importantly, Sherry FitzGerald were able to save time and money by delivering their mandatory anti money laundering training in just 2 minutes a day, rather than a more traditional classroom method.

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  • What comes to mind when you think of compliance training? Unfortunately, it does not have the best reputation; many view it as boring and monotonous. Despite that, employee compliance training is essential for organisations because adhering to specific laws and regulations protects both employees and the business.

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  • No matter what industry your organisation is in, legal and regulatory compliance is essential to protect it and your employees. Therefore, it’s important your employees are well-trained for it. This is particularly relevant for the finance sector, as the increasing demand for digital services, such as online banking, has changed regulations and increased the need for compliance. ‘Compliance’ is a broad term for the various regulations that affect businesses, such as health and safety, corrupt practices and social responsibility.

    Why is compliance training so important?

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  • Regardless of what industry your organisation is in, there will be policies and regulations that need to be adhered to. Educating employees about legal policies that are relevant to their job role is vital to protect an organisation. An array of topics fall under the term ‘compliance’, such as health and safety, diversity, anti-harassment and HR law. Compliance relates to all departments and job roles, and employees need to be knowledgeable about laws that affect them.

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