A bespoke service tailored to your requirements

Wranx provides software and a service – results-driven learner experiences with all the support you could ever need. Wranx can assure employee knowledge, boost productivity, save time and reduce costs.

We currently deliver training globally across many sectors, in areas such as product knowledge, onboarding, compliance, sales training and health & safety.

How we can help:

  • Improve knowledge retention amongst employees
  • Boost sales by improving product and service knowledge
  • Keep employees up to date with new product releases and company procedures
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance amongst employees
  • Improve employee retention

Training modules specific to your organisation

Reduce time spent curating and creating content by using our in-house Instructional Design Team, who can develop bespoke Spaced Repetition training modules on your behalf.

Wranx can take any existing materials that you may have in formats like text, video or audio and convert them into short, bite-sized modules and assessments that require only a few minutes a day to complete. We also have a range of off-the-shelf modules to choose from that may fit your requirements.

Dedicated Account Management

With Wranx, you get a dedicated account manager who will continually work with you to identify your needs and maximise employee usage and learning performance. Your account manager will set up a regular call to provide performance overviews, engagement statistics and share recommendations to ensure learners remain fully engaged. 

Wranx also has a support team who are happy to answer any technical queries that you or your learners may have.

A swift onboarding process

Getting started with Wranx is easy! Once commercials have been agreed, we will arrange a call where we will identify your KPIs and agree timescales for launch. We will also provide onboarding materials to educate and improve your team’s understanding of the Wranx platform.

Full technical set-up is provided, and our team will create user profiles and set up cohorts on your behalf. When first logging into Wranx, learners will also see a built-in tutorial which will guide them through each element of the platform.

Easy access

To assist with onboarding, Wranx supports single sign-on and self-registration. Single sign-on allows your learners to sign up and log in using their normal business credentials. This allows you to retain full control of all users on the Wranx platform. If a user leaves, they can be turned off from one place and will no longer have access.

Regular engagement with learners

At Wranx, we have various methods through which we communicate with learners to remind, notify and engage them.

Smart reminders are polite emails sent to learners to encourage them to log in and do their daily drills. If learners download our mobile app, they will also receive push notifications to encourage daily learning.

We have an in-app communication tool called ‘the bubble’ which allows us to communicate with learners and obtain their feedback. We can also send personalised messages such as company updates and product news to learners on your behalf.

Suitable for any organisation

We currently work with organisations that operate in a variety of sectors across the globe, regardless of company size. Whether you’re a SME or an enterprise business, we can provide a bespoke service package that is tailored to your requirements.

Learning that will improve the performance of your organisation