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Wranx is a full-service training platform that boosts learning using a scientifically proven method called spaced repetition. Improve knowledge retention, increase sales and enhance customer service, all with just one minute of training per day.

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Engage your employees with over 300 achievements and statuses that make learning fun.

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Learn From Anywhere

Employees can learn when it suits them...whether it's on the job or beyond working hours.

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Bite-Sized Learning

Training will take just a minute a day, leading to faster learning and increased knowledge retention.

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View valuable data on competency and expertise and gather a full picture of your employees' progress.

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Convert your content into any language to provide full accessibility for all trainees.

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In-App Communication

Congratulate and motivate your employees with convenient in-app communication.

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Content Conversion

Our team of writers will take any training source material and convert it into drills.

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Knowledge Validation

Trainees' rate of learning is measured by social testing and various other validation techniques.

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