Who are Wranx?

Wranx is a dedicated training platform with a unique approach to learning. It was born out of co-founder Jon Davies’ desire to create a programme that would help him learn a new coding language quickly. Together with his colleague Phil Simmonds, he developed Wranx, a platform based on a scientifically proven technique called spaced repetition.

We serve clients from over 500 cities worldwide, across a wide range of sectors including automotive, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, logistics and finance. Thanks to Wranx’s unique learning algorithm and the flexibility of its interface, we’re able to deliver effective, convenient training in a multitude of languages and industries.

Our Mission

Unlike a lot of other training platforms, Wranx is designed to integrate training into your employees’ day to day life, leading to faster knowledge assimilation and long term retention for noticeable results. Our track record in delivering secure mission critical solutions to some of the world’s biggest organisations means our team is best placed to provide a reliable, cost-effective training solution.

Our mission is to inspire behavioural change within every company, putting learners at the heart of our platform and bringing a new perspective to the landscape of modern learning.

William Currie Group

Following the recent acquisition of Wranx, William Currie Group has a long term commitment to helping Wranx become a global leader in the Learning & Development sector, with co-founders Jon and Phil maintaining a shareholding in the business.

The William Currie Group has been running for over 20 years, with a growing focus on investment in fast growing e-commerce and tech businesses. It now employs over 100 people.

ISO Registered


Wranx is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation. ISO9001:2008 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. By gaining this accreditation customers can be confident that we adhere to and are committed to the policies and controls defined as good practice (by the ISO9001 standards) for the provisioning and management of the Wranx service. To gain accreditation we are audited by an external auditor and reviewed annually to ensure that our policies and controls are followed and kept current. Click here for the certificate

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