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Introducing new staff to the business can often be a daunting prospect – both for you and your new starters – but having the right kind of training and support available as you go through the employee onboarding process can really make a difference.
Wranx supports new starters, boosting confidence and improving staff retention.

We know that the recruitment process can be stressful for everyone involved. New employees worry about being able to impress the team and hit the ground running, while you hope that their skills and talent will be a great fit for the business. Having the right kind of onboarding process can really help.

And that’s where Wranx comes in.

Used as part of your employee onboarding strategy, Wranx can allow your new starters to access teaching material even before their first day. No daunting manuals to swot up on, or hours scrolling through company presentations, just simple online training that’s easy to use and encourages staff by learning through gamification.

Training new employees using Wranx will not only improve confidence, but will ensure that they are made to feel welcome and part of the team. Meaning they’ll be less likely to leave – decreasing employee turnover and improving staff morale.

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